I Belli Capelli Torrano B-Tox Expert Nanoplastica Olio di Argan Pantenolo 250g/8.81 oz


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I Belli Capelli Torrano B-Tox Expert Nanoplastica Olio di Argan Pantenolo 250g/8.81 oz

La B-tox Expert Mask è un prodotto antiossidante che cura la salute dei capelli, lasciandoli molto lucenti e senza effetto crespo.

Ha il potere di ringiovanire i capelli, agendo in profondità nella ricostruzione della fibra capillare.


Dopo aver lavato i capelli con lo Shampoo, asciugare l'80% dei capelli, quindi applicare la Maschera Expert B-tox e lasciare in posa dai 30 ai 60 minuti. Rimuovere il prodotto in eccesso solo se lo si ritiene necessario. Spazzolare con un asciugacapelli, quindi dividere i capelli in ciocche sottili e fare la permanente su ciascuna ciocca da 10 a 15 volte. 


Capelli allineati, idratati e lucenti.

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Does B-Tox Expert have a strong smell?

Despite being a hair alignment product, the smell of B-Tox Expert Torrano is not strong. However, it should be noted that each person has a different olfactory sensitivity, which may vary in this sensory evaluation..

B-Tox Expert contains formaldehyde?

B-Tox Expert Torrano does not contain formaldehyde. It is eveloped by Nanoplasty, a hair treatment that targets healthier, organic and natural ingredients, such as its combination of Argan Oil, Panthenol and Shea Butter, which promote the alignment and hydration of the hair fiber without damaging the hair.

How to use?

After washing the hair with an  anti-residue shampoo, dry 80% of the hair, then apply the Expert B-tox Mask and leave it on for 30 to 60 minutes. Remove excess product only if you think it is necessary. Brush with a blow dryer and then divide the hair into fine strands and perm each strand 10 to 15 times

It can be used on colored hair?

B-Tox Expert Torrano does not damage colored hair, but it is good to point out that it is not a B-Tox aimed at treating or tinting dyed hair. For blond or bleached hair, we recommend I Belli Capelli Ravenna B-Tox Blond.

I am breastfeeding, can I use B-tox Expert?

This product is not indicated for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. We recommend that you consult a physician before using any hair straightening or alignment product.

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Shelby Lueck
Amazing product!!

This product is a great at home solution that works wonderfully without the cost of going into the salon. It took away all friz and calmed my summer damaged hair.