Our Science

I Belli Capelli is a distinguished member of the BRK Brazilian Keratin group, specializing in the cosmetics industry. Our company's resounding success stems from our unwavering commitment to delivering innovative, high-performance products. Each year, we invest in extensive research and rigorous testing to ensure that every product adheres to the highest standards of safety, quality, and performance. Our cutting-edge technology provides professionals and consumers alike with a sense of confidence, ensuring extraordinary results.

At I Belli Capelli, we have embraced a steadfast dedication to providing the world with the pinnacle of cosmetic innovation. Whether it be in terms of quality, efficacy, or safety, our ultimate goal is to meet the diverse beauty needs and desires of individuals worldwide.

With years of study and experience, I Belli Capelli has been meticulously crafted to apply impeccable formulas for hair reconstruction and care. We source the finest components available globally, employing perfect combinations and precise dosages. Among these components, we proudly highlight:

- Keratin: Constituting approximately 90% of the hair fiber, keratin plays a pivotal role in ensuring resilient and healthy hair, shielding it from external damage.

- Argan Oil: Boasting antioxidant properties, argan oil deeply moisturizes, nourishes, and combats frizz, leaving hair lustrous and vibrant.

- Collagen: Renowned for its restructuring capabilities, collagen revitalizes both hair and scalp, promoting overall hair health.

- Cassava Extract: Abundant in vitamins that stimulate hair growth, cassava extract provides essential hydration, reducing split ends, fortifying brittle hair, and fostering significant hair growth.

- Additionally, each product incorporates a range of other meticulously selected components to maximize results.

At I Belli Capelli, we take great pride in our commitment to excellence and our unwavering pursuit of perfection in hair care. With our scientifically advanced formulations and carefully selected ingredients, we empower individuals to achieve their ideal hair goals and embrace their unique beauty.