I Belli Capelli Ravenna B-tox Repair Mask lisciante anti-crespo 1kg/35.02 oz


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I Belli Capelli Ravenna B-tox Repair Mask lisciante per capelli anti-crespo 1kg/35.02 oz

Ravenna Traditional Hair B-tox Mask è stata sviluppata con una combinazione di Olio di Argan in sinergia con Pantenolo, Cheratina quaternizzata e Biotina, con l'obiettivo di promuovere la ricostruzione dei capelli, diminuendone la rottura e restituendo nutrienti ai capelli.

I Belli Capelli B-tox ha la capacità di grande penetrazione nel capello, fornendo un'intensa idratazione e rimpiazzo di massa. Lascia i capelli privi di porosità, restituendogli la bellezza e l'intensa lucentezza che è stata usurata da trattamenti chimici, rilassamenti, decolorazioni, esposizione al sole, cloro delle piscine, ecc.


Dopo aver lavato con Shampoo Antiresiduo asciugare il 40% dei capelli, quindi applicare la Maschera Riparatrice B-tox. Lasciare agire per 30-60 minuti. Rimuovere il prodotto in eccesso solo se lo si ritiene necessario. Spazzolare con un asciugacapelli, quindi dividere i capelli in ciocche sottili e fare la permanente su ciascuna ciocca da 10 a 15 volte.

Tieni presente che più a lungo lasci il prodotto sui capelli.

Uso esterno. Prodotto per uso professionale.


Capelli ripristinati e idratati.

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- 01 I Belli Capelli Ravenna B-tox Repair Maschera Capelli 1kg/35.02 oz


B-tox Repair is a progressive?

The main difference between a hair straightening treatment, commonly known as a "progressive," and B-tox lies in the final result of the smoothing process. B-tox primarily consists of various treatments rather than strong active ingredients, so it may not be able to straighten extremely difficult hair effectively. On the other hand, a progressive treatment can fully straighten any type of hair, achieving a 100% straightened result.

What hair type is the B-tox Repair recommendedfor?

The B-tox Repair is recommended for all hair types, especially for thick and strong hair.

What mode of use?

After washing with Anti-Residue Shampoo dry 40% of the hair, then apply the B-tox Repair Mask. Leave it on for 30-60 minutes. Remove excess product only if you think it is necessary. Brush with a blow dryer and then divide the hair into fine strands and perm each strand 10 to 15 times. Keep in mind that the longer you leave the product on your hair.

B-tox Repair, what are its benefits?
  • Anti-frizz
  • Smoothing looking hair
  • Volume reduction
  • Intense shine
Straightens hair?

Yes! It has the ability to deeply penetrate the strands, thus providing intense hydration and restoring mass, leaving them with a radiant shine, while pigmented particles neutralize the yellowish tone of the strands and reduce volume.

Customer Reviews

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Ojeda. B
Saloon results at home

This product is easy to use and made my hair very soft 😍

K Adams
It really works

I have very wavy roots when I sweat. I can never wear my hair out and sweat and it stay straight. This botox treatment worked wonders after the second treatment. The first time ever doing the treatment it made my hair nice and silky but it didnt keep the waves out. Second treatment I applied 3 weeks later and when I tell you I was sweating and no waves I was in heaven. Less breakage of my hair, shiny healthy looking ends. I say do it for your hair and you will not be disappointed.

Katherine P

It is the second order, good product, but this time it arrived with a broken lid. But other than that it left my hair super soft and shiny. I recommend.