I Belli Capelli Ravenna B-tox Blond Hair Mask

The B-tox Blond Hair Mask was developed with a combination of Argan Oil, in synergy with Panthenol and Quaternized Keratin, in order to promote hair reconstruction, reducing hair breakage, returning nutrients to the hair.

I Belli Capelli B-tox has the capacity of great penetration in the threads, thus promoting intense hydration, mass replacement, leaving the threads without porosity, returning beauty, leaving them with an intense shine, while pigmented particles neutralize the yellowish tone of the threads.

How to use

1. Wash your hair with anti-residue shampoo;

2. Dry your hair until it is about 40% dry;

3. Apply the B-tox Blond on your hair leaving it on for 15 to
30 minutes.

NOTE¹: Keep in mind that the longer you leave the product on your hair
(within the 30 minutes mark), the better the results will be.

NOTE²: The time that the product remains on the hair affects the color of the hair.

4. Slightly rinse the hair without removing all the product.
Blow-dry, separate your hair into thin strands and then
flat iron it.

5. Finish as you wish.

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